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Learn How to Navigate the Chromatic Scale

A selection of notes forms the basis of all music, and by arranging the notes, you can create everything from an R&B ballad to a classical music symphony. Understanding a scale is an important part of learning how to play music on any instrument, including a guitar. Notes ascend or descend on a scale, and they each have a different pitch that gives music its distinctive sound. QuickStartGuitar offers lessons about the chromatic scale.

Only 12 tones form the chromatic scale, but the music created in the Western hemisphere would not be music without them. Composers and songwriters build their works using chords and melodies that they make from a scale. When you play any music piece, it sounds different from another composition because of how the composer arranged the notes and whether they used notes from a major or minor scale.

The chromatic scale is one of the many subjects you will explore when you teach yourself to play guitar. You will also learn how to play scales patterns over chord progressions in Chris Lopez's upcoming "On Stage" Guitar Book. Contact us to order instructional books for the guitar that you can understand.

The "On Stage" Guitar Book
Learn How To Play Scales Patterns Over Chord Progressions