Get the First Stage Guitar Books: Learn guitar the easy way with any of Chris Lopez's step-by-step, easy-to-understand guitar books and tools. Through his simple books and charts, you'll quickly learn all you need to know in order to play the guitar well. Take the first step today and order your copy, or request an excerpt and get started on the road to becoming a rock star!

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Learn About First Stage Concepts

First Stage Concepts is the company of Chris Lopez, Author of The "First Stage" Guitar Book and its companions, The "Next Stage" Guitar Book and The "First Stage" Guitar Chord Chart. Guitar players in Los Angeles, California, and all over the world can use these books to create their own songs, read music, and transpose existing songs into their own. These books present relevant information in simple ways, allowing you to easily absorb the information you are presented. Readers find that the skill comes naturally, and that the learning process is simple and easy to understand. The "First Stage" Guitar Book is made to learn to play on Acoustic, Electrical, Classical and 12 String Guitars.

The "First Stage" Guitar Books are designed for aspiring guitarists of all ages and allow you to learn to play in less time with less reading using an easy-to-understand, "see and do" approach. You'll learn chord combinations, as it is essential to learn the Chromatic Scale as you further your play skills. In addition, you'll learn easy fingering shapes, and how to transpose chord progressions that are comfortable for your voice. Don't waste time searching the Internet when everything you need to get started is easily available, right here, for you. The "First Stage" Guitar Book and accompanying titles are the easiest way to learn to play!