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QuickStartGuitar.com is proud to share The Guitar Book series, allowing aspiring guitarists from Los Angeles, California, and all over the world to learn guitar in a simple, easy-to-retain manner. As you read through these books, you'll learn to play the most common guitar chords, how to put them together to create your own songs, and more. You will discover that the all important "CHORD COMBINATION CHART" contained in The "First Stage" Guitar Book, The "Guitar Book", and The "First Stage" Guitar Chord Charts will be absolutely useful in becoming acquainted with what chords go with what chords, takes the guesswork out of guessing which chords go with which chords, conveniently allowing you to select the Key that is best suitable for your individual voice, the chord combinations in the chart are presented in every Key.

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Choose from The "First Stage" Guitar Book or The "Guitar Book" and start learning to play today! Coming soon is The "On Stage" Guitar Book, where you'll learn to play scale patterns over chord progressions.

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The "On Stage" Guitar Book
Learn How To Play Scales Patterns Over Chord Progressions