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About Chris

Chris Lopez is an experienced guitarist and adoring father to a young daughter who wanted to learn to play guitar. Since he was just 10 years old, he's always wanted to be on stage playing rock 'n roll music like the bands he admired. Having seen the Beatles twice, he was heavily influenced by their performances and by the work of other great artists in rock history. Chris became a skilled guitarist over time.

Guitar for Everyone

When his daughter Heather Ann expressed a desire to learn guitar, Chris went on a mission to find a guitar book she could understand. Finding nothing he could use, he chose to write it himself. Soon his oldest son Brian took an interest in learning how to play guitar, and to Chris' amazement, he quickly grasped the concept of the contents of the guitar books. Now they both play guitar, sing together and sound great. They have considered going on to YouTube to share their musical talents as an inspiration to others. His series focuses on the essentials and simplifies them so that anyone looking to play guitar can learn easily and quickly.

His books were first published on Amazon.com™, and the orders quickly started coming in. Since then, he's written more books, allowing guitarists to advance at their own pace. All titles are now available at Amazon.com™ exclusively.